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Fundamental directions of investigations:

  • turbulent flows of microporous liquids, supercavitation modes, electric discharges;
  • distribution and structure of shock waves, detonation waves in microporous liquids, gas mixes, liquids;
  • burning processes and electric discharges in supersonic channels of heterogeneous fluids;
  • volumetric-diffusion discharges in microporous liquids and gas-drop mediums.

Current problems, theoretical development:

  • distribution description of shock waves structure in gas mixes and liquids, in plasma with the account of physical-chemical transformations on the basis of the generalised Boltsman - Enscog - Vlasov equations;
  • description of distribution and shock waves structure in microporous liquids on the basis of the multitemperature multihigh-speed hydro-gas-dynamics equations at presence of physical-chemical transformations;
  • description of interaction of turbulent microporous streams with gas and liquid high-speed flows, including twirled gas-dispersed liquid flows, in the presence of chemical reactions;
  • description of dispersion mechanisms of turbulent microporous streams in a gas flow in the presence of fast physical-chemical processes.

The Chief of the Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Aerohydrodynamics is Dr. Vasily Velikodny


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